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#138 Part I: Raising the Profile of Comms on the Hill

February 05, 2024 Sherman Tylawsky
Friends & Fellow Citizens
#138 Part I: Raising the Profile of Comms on the Hill
Show Notes

A Capitol Hill staffer once told me: "Comms [communications] IS policy." How do congressional communications influence policymaking? In this two-part episode, Sherman reconnects with Sarah Selip, whom he had the opportunity to learn from and work with during his internship with former Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA) in early 2021. An emerging leader for women looking to serve in DC, Selip is the founder of 917 Strategies and a former congressional communications director who has an extensive background in conservative politics. Hear more about her past day in the life of working for Members of Congress and the opportunities and challenges of comms on the Hill!

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