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#116 Part 2: A Lesson from Lincoln on Moral Leadership

March 06, 2023 Sherman Tylawsky
Friends & Fellow Citizens
#116 Part 2: A Lesson from Lincoln on Moral Leadership
Show Notes

Since Nevada officially became a "battle born" state in 1864 during the Lincoln presidency, Lincoln has been a ubiquitous historical figure in the Silver State. What other lessons can we learn from the 16th President? In Part 2, Dr. Green tell us why a both brilliant and imperfect Lincoln exemplified the type of moral leadership that can inform our political leaders today.

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Also, be sure to check out these Amazon links to Dr. Green's books:
Nevada: A History of the Silver State (2015)
Lincoln and Native Americans (2021)
Lincoln and the Election of 1860  (2011)
A special thank you to Dr. Brett Abarnel from UNLV's IGI for making this episode possible. 

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